Advanced Custom Order Status for WooCommerce

Users can easily create, edit, and delete order statuses that align with their business needs. Additionally, the ability to add icons and colors to order statuses enhances the visual representation of the order status, making it more engaging for both the store owner and the customer.



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Plugin features

Customized Order Status Dashboard

Enhance your e-commerce experience by creating custom order statuses tailored to your specific needs. Alongside your default custom statuses, you can now add new ones, providing a unique touch to each phase of the order process. Customize not just the text, but also the color and background of both default and new custom statuses.

Extensive Customization Options for Order Status Creation

Tailor every aspect to fit your unique business needs, from modifying the title, slug, and description, to selecting the perfect color, background, and icon for each status. Further refine your process by choosing specific order status actions, determining the status position, and setting the order status type. Additionally, integrate these custom statuses seamlessly into your reports and bulk actions, streamlining your workflow and enhancing the overall management experience.

Instant Email Notifications for any Status Changes

Receive immediate email notifications for any changes in order status. Whether it’s an update from one status to another, the plugin automatically sends emails to keep both customers and staff informed in real-time. This feature ensures everyone stays up-to-date with the latest order progress.

Enhance your order tracking with Custom Order Status

On your order dashboard, easily distinguish between different stages using colorful custom statuses. Streamline your workflow by quickly advancing orders to the next status with a single click. Our system thoughtfully integrates all custom statuses alongside the default ones, allowing you to selectively view specific custom statuses for more focused management.

Compare Free vs Pro Features

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Unlimited order statuses
Customize status Title, Slug, and Description
Customize status color and background
Customize default WooCommerce status
Replace text with icons to make order statuses more visually appealing
Assign any order status to the order action
Flexible custom positioning for order status
Specify the type of order status
Custom order status in bulk action on order page
Integration with sell reports
Automatically send email notifications upon changing the order status.
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Users Reviews

Very helpful plugin to change WooCommerce order status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom order statuses allow you to tailor each phase of the order process to your specific business needs. They enhance the e-commerce experience by providing a unique touch through customizable text, colors, and backgrounds.

Yes, you can add new custom order statuses alongside the default ones, allowing for a more personalized order processing experience.

Yes, you have the flexibility to customize elements such as the title, slug, and description for each order status to better fit your business needs.

You have a wide range of customization options for each order status, including the ability to choose specific colors, backgrounds, and icons.

The plugin allows you to choose specific order status actions and determine the status position, providing flexibility in how you manage and display each status.

Yes, custom order statuses can be easily integrated with reports and bulk actions, enhancing your workflow and data analysis capabilities.

When there is a change in order status, the plugin automatically sends email alerts to keep both customers and staff informed in real-time.

Yes, both customers and staff will receive immediate notifications for any changes in the order status, ensuring everyone is up-to-date.

The quick action feature allows you to advance orders to the next status with a single click, streamlining your order processing workflow.

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