Variations as Single Product for WooCommerce

With the Variations as Single Product for WooCommerce plugin, you can simplify your product display by showing variations as individual products on the Shop page, Product Category page, and Search result page. This makes it easier for customers to find and purchase the exact variation they want without having to navigate to the single product page.

Plugin features

Complete control on variation product

By default, WooCommerce groups all variants within a single variation product, requiring users to navigate to the single product page to choose a variation and add it to their cart. With this plugin, users can easily add variations directly from the Shop page, as it converts all variations into single products.

Manage Variations on Single Product

Our plugin simplifies the process, enabling precise control over product display. It allows for specific configuration of which variations appear as standalone products, directly from the settings of each individual product. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to hide parent variation products based on tailored settings for each product.

Individual variations control to exclude as single products

Empower your product management with the ability to selectively control individual variations, enabling you to exclude them from being presented as standalone products. This feature offers the flexibility to fine-tune your product displays according to specific needs. Moreover, it allows for the customization of each variation’s title, ensuring that you can provide more descriptive and accurate information to your customers. This level of detail enhances customer understanding and aids in making informed purchasing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our plugin allows variations to be displayed as single products on the Shop page, within Product Categories, on Search result pages, and using the [products] shortcode. This feature enhances product visibility and customer experience.
Yes, our plugin provides an option to hide parent variation products. This helps in streamlining your product display and focusing customer attention on specific variations.
You can exclude variations from being displayed as single products based on specific attributes, like color or size. This feature allows for more targeted and relevant product displays.
Absolutely! Our plugin lets you exclude variations from being shown as single products based on their product category or tags, offering you greater control over how your products are presented.
Yes, our plugin allows you to control which variations are displayed as single products directly from the individual product settings, providing a flexible and intuitive way to manage your product displays.
Parent variation products can be hidden based on individual product settings. This feature provides a cleaner and more focused display of your products, tailored to your specific needs.
Indeed, our plugin enables you to customize the title of each variation, allowing for more descriptive and accurate information for customers. This customization improves the shopping experience by providing clearer product details.

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